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  • School starts at 8.55am and finishes at 3.15pm.
  • A hand bell rings at 8.50am in the playground as a signal for children to be taken into class. Children are late if they arrive at the school gate at 8.55am when the electronic bell rings.
  • Entrance to the school is via gates in Queens Road and Kirk Road both of which lead into the playground.
  • The gates are locked at 8.55am and do not open again until 3.00pm. If you need to collect your child during the day please come to the main school office. The outside gate in Queens Road is locked during the school day. Please press the buzzer to gain access.
  • For children’s safety and school security if you need to visit the school office at the beginning or end of the day (e.g. query about dinner money) please do not go through the school building but go out of the playground and through the main school entrance in Queens Road.




  • Children in reception classes must be collected by an adult.
  • Children in KS1/Lower KS2 must be collected by an adult or competent person over the age of 14.
  • If a different adult collects the child please inform the class teacher in the morning and/or the office staff.  If your arrangements need to change during the day please let us know as soon as possible (please do not leave until 3.15 to phone as the office is busy at that time)
  • Children in UKS2 should be collected by an adult or a competent person over the age of 14 but may go home unaccompanied or with a person younger than 14 provided the school has written permission from the parent/carer.
  • KS2 children cannot collect younger brothers and sisters as they are not over the age of 14.
  • It is important that parents keep school informed about who is collecting children and any changes.
  • Parents/carers should identify who can collect their child and this info will be kept by the school office. If an adult who is not on the list comes to collect the child there may be a delay before the child is released whilst we check they have permission to do so.   




  • Children in R/KS1 must not be left unaccompanied in the playground. Parents/carers must wait with them until the teacher takes them into the classroom from 8.50am
  • Children in KS2 can be left in the playground before school but please note that the playground is not supervised until 8.45
  • If children are in the playground before school frequently or a significant amount of time we will contact parents to ensure that children are safe.





  • All staff at Edinburgh are happy to talk to parents but please be aware that if staff are with children they may not be able to talk to you straight away as the children’s needs comes  first.
  • Reception classes open their doors at 8.45 am to give parents a few minutes to talk to the teacher if necessary. Other teachers will be able to talk to parents only very briefly at the beginning of the day when they open their doors to let the children in or collect their classes from the playground.
  • If parents need to talk to their child’s teacher and it is more than a short message it is better to make an appointment that is convenient to both teacher and parent.
  • In addition to the child’s class teacher  there are also year group leaders and phase leaders who may be able to help with general queries or concerns (please see staffing list).
  • Members of the senior leadership team are also available – we try to be on one of the gates or in the playground at the beginning or end of the day.
  • If your query or concern is about administration or finance issue it is often best to ask for clarification at the office. (E.g. Parent Pay queries).
  • If your query or concern relates to a child’s special educational needs, our Inclusion Team can be contacted via the school office.
  • If it is about a child protection issue Mrs Rider, the safeguarding lead, can also be contacted via the school office.
  • If it is about a behaviour issue, the behaviour team can also be contacted via the school office.
  • Please note staff at Edinburgh are not able to sign/certify passport applications.


Birthday Sweets


  • If parents and children would like to share sweets on their birthday we are happy to give out a small treat at the end of the day. Please make sure sweets are nut free and are halal (generally this means that the sweets should not contain gelatine) so that all the children can be included.
  • We cannot give out cakes or any other ‘birthday treat’
  • For children in Reception and Year 1 & 2 the teacher will give the sweet with the request to ‘show it to your grown up’ so parents/ carers can decide if they can eat it straight away. For children in Year 3 or older please make sure your child knows if they have your permission to eat it straight away or to wait until later.




  • We have a number of children with nut allergies and some with a very severe nut allergy where the reaction can be life threatening if there is contact with nuts or nut products.
  • Therefore we are a completely nut free school. This means that nuts and nut products must not be on the premises. This includes children’s packed lunches and any food that staff bring in to school.




  • All children are offered free fruit each day. They may also bring their own fruit from home for a break time snack. No other snacks are allowed. We welcome contributions to our ‘fruit bank’ which is in the school playground before school Monday –Wednesday.
  • All children should have a bottle filled with water with their name on it that can be used throughout the day.




  • The most important homework is reading. At the early stages of learning to read parents/carers should read with their children for at least 10 minutes each day.
  • As children become more independent readers, parents/carers should still spend time reading with their child/hearing their child read, but should also encourage them to read independently for a sustained period of time (20/30 minutes).
  • When children are fluent readers it is still important that parents/carers talk to their children about the books they are reading and about their likes, dislikes and opinions.
  • As children get older they will also be given other homework related to the curriculum they are studying – this may be learning spellings, multiplication tables, researching a topic at home or may be written homework.
  • Some homework, particularly for older children may be a project to be completed over a number of weeks.
  • Each term’s curriculum newsletter will provide information about homework.




  • Full attendance is very important in ensuring your child is able to do well at school.
  • In line with LA policy  the school does not authorise absence during term time other than for the child’s illness etc. We do not authorise for holidays, going to collect someone from the airport, visiting relatives etc. even if it is for a family celebration etc. (see attendance policy). If children are taken out of school without authorisation a fixed term fine of £60 per child per parent may be imposed.
  • If your child is ill and cannot attend school please telephone the school office to let us know as soon as possible (preferably before 9am). The school office is open from 8.00am. A note to the teacher on your child’s return to school is also helpful.
  • We expect that children’s attendance will be above 96% and you may be contacted and there may be a meeting in school if we have concerns about your child’s attendance.
  • When children’s attendance falls below 90% they are designated by the government as being a ‘persistent absentee’ and we are required to track their absence. This may involve meetings in school.




  • School staff can only administer medication if it is for a chronic condition and is part of a care plan.
  • If your child is prescribed antibiotics or other medication please ensure the doctor knows and prescribes medicine that can be administered at home outside of the school day.




  • Children in Reception play in the Reception playground and have access to Reception play equipment.
  • Children in KS1 and KS2 have access to playground equipment (e.g. balls, hoops, skipping ropes) at lunchtime/ playtime.
  • The only ‘toy’ children may use to play with at playtime is a skipping rope which must be labelled with the child’s name and class. Children should not bring tennis balls, footballs, basketballs or any other equipment to play with at playtime/lunchtime.




  • We welcome parents/carers who would like to help in school. However if you require a placement for a course we cannot guarantee we will be able to provide a place.
  • This help can be regular or occasional (e.g. reading with children, supporting learning in class, making costumes for plays etc., supporting ICT work, art projects etc.)
  • If the support is regular  it will not generally be with your child’s own class.
  • Any parent/carer who would like to volunteer their help should make an appointment at the school office.
  • All parents/carers who volunteer their help in school or accompany a school trip must attend a safeguarding induction meeting and complete some basic paperwork and some who are regular helpers will need a DBS (previously CRB) check. These meetings take place as a regular occurrence during the second week of every half term and information about attending the meeting, including how to book your space, is publicised in the newsletter.




  • If you are concerned that your child may have special educational needs please make an appointment to see our  Inclusion Team, via the school office.




  • The school operates a breakfast club (from 7.50am). Current costs are £5.50 per day and should be paid by ParentPay. Please contact the school office to register your child.
  • The YMCA runs an after school club on school premises from 3.15 to 6.00pm. Please contact the YMCA on 07958 513 458 after 3pm for further details. The school does not collect payment for YMCA fees.




  • We have a strong anti-bullying policy. If your child feels bullied they should tell an adult so that it can be dealt with. Please see your child’s class teacher initially if you have any concerns.




  • All parents/carers are members of the PTA who organise events throughout the year.
  • If you would like to become involved please look out for PTA newsletters or contact




  • We welcome visitors to our school. We will act to ensure it remains a safe place for pupils, staff and all other members of our community. If a parent/carer has concerns we will always listen to them and seek to address them.
  • However, abusive, threatening or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. If such behaviour occurs we will follow the procedures outlined in our policy – ‘Keeping Schools Safe’.




We take parents concerns seriously and we want to hear of concerns as soon as they occur.  In general the person most able to deal with concerns will be the child’s class teacher although this does depend on the nature of the concern.

Members of the senior leadership team are generally available before and after school and can be contacted via the school office.  Should a concern become a complaint we will follow the procedures outlined in our complaints policy.




We have a responsibility to protect your personal data and it is important to us that you know your data is in safe hands. Further information on how we use your data, an explanation of your consent options and all policies relating to data protection (including our Privacy Notice) can be found on our school website.