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Year 1 ~ Alder Class


27th November 2020

This week, the children read the story ‘The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis’. Everyone loved the story and fell in love with the Bog Baby. The story is about a beautiful, blue creature called Bog Baby who was found in Bluebell Woods by two little girls. The girls decide to take him home and keep him as a pet. Shortly after, the Bog Baby becomes very, very ill. The girls begin to understand that the Bog Baby is a wild creature who belongs in the wild and not in their home, so they decide to take him back.

On Monday, the Bog Baby visited our class to play with the children. In English, the children used a range of adjectives to describe him. In Science, the children built him a bridge to help him get over the big puddles in the playground. After spending a entire week with Bog Baby, the children in 1A decided that the Bog Baby should not live in a classroom but in the wild so they decided that it was best for him to return to Bluebell Woods with the other Bog babies. The children collectively made a tissue collage in memory of our beloved Bog Baby.



This has been a very exciting year for Edinburgh Reception so far. In English we looked at the lovely story book  'Meg and Mog' by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski. The brilliant actress Fay Ripley, voice of Meg in the animated series, came to perform for us and we all learnt some secrets about acting from her. We were also extremely lucky to have the musicians from the acclaimed television series 'Bagpuss' come and play their magical music for us. We learnt about some new musical instruments, including the mandolin. It was a truly wonderful afternoon!