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Year 1 ~ Banyan Class

11th December 2020

In Year 1 the children were set the task of making a boat. They identified and compared the suitability of everyday materials, discussed what would make a good material for a boat and recorded what they found out.

2nd December 2020

This half-term, Year 1 received a very special letter from Bob, the Man on the Moon!
The children were really excited and listened very carefully to what Bob said in his letter. He wanted to know all about their classroom and especially if there were any aliens at school. The children thought that they could write their own letters back to him and send them to the Moon. What an amazing job they did! Not only they show their best handwriting but they also wrote some very interesting questions to know a little bit more about the moon and Bob.


This has been a very exciting year for Edinburgh Reception so far. In English we looked at the lovely story book  'Meg and Mog' by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski. The brilliant actress Fay Ripley, voice of Meg in the animated series, came to perform for us and we all learnt some secrets about acting from her. We were also extremely lucky to have the musicians from the acclaimed television series 'Bagpuss' come and play their magical music for us. We learnt about some new musical instruments, including the mandolin. It was a truly wonderful afternoon!