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Year 2

In Year 2 we have been learning about Electricity. We visited the Science Museum and explored ‘The Secret Life of the Home’ gallery. 

We looked at a variety of household objects that use electricity. It was interesting to see how the objects have changed over the last 100 years.
Whilst we were there, we had time to visit the ‘Flight’ and ‘Space’ Gallery. We saw unique aircrafts hanging in mid-air and a replica of the Apollo 11 landing module. 

The Science Museum is free to visit. Find out more here.

Describing Characters - 3/12/19

In English we read books by Julia Donaldson. 

We read The Ugly Five and then used adjectives to describe the animals in the story. 
We used the Magpie wall to help us with the vocabulary whilst others used their phonics.

Making Sandwiches - 3/12/19

In our English lesson we made jam sandwiches. This helped us to then write out instructions.

We wrote an introduction, made a list of ingredients and utensils, used bullet points and commas, and finally wrote a tip.

Making Drinks - 3/12/19

In DT we discussed what we could use to make our own drinks. We planned and then made them using a variety of ingredients.

Stick Puppets - 3/12/19

In DT we made our own stick puppets based on characters from tradional stories.

Can you work out who they are?

Representing Numbers - 3/12/19

In Maths we looked at representing numbers in different ways. 

We used Numicon shapes, Numicon rods, Numicon pegs, Multilinks and Deines. 

We also discussed the terms 'tens' and 'ones'.      

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