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Arts Update

E17 Art Trail

14th June 2024


On Friday 14th June, we will be holding our very own art exhibition for the E17 Art trail. Parents, friends and families are all welcome to view, support and appreciate the artwork that Edinburgh Primary school children have created.  Doors will be open from 3:20pm - 4:30pm.

Art Smart Challenge

Summer 2


This half term's art smart challenge is to produce a piece of work in the style of Beatriz Milhazes. Beatriz is a Brazilian-born collage artist and painter known for her large-scale works and vibrant colours. She has been called "Brazil's most successful contemporary painter."  As a painter, Milhazes uses a unique transfer technique, first painting on plastic sheets before peeling away the dried shapes and collaging them onto the canvas. When she peels the plastic away, the resulting image is superimposed onto the canvas.  We look forward to all entries!

Art Smart Challenge Winners

Summer 1


Congratulations to all of our Art Smart winners - your work is fantastic!

Photography competition

24th May 2024


At Edinburgh Primary School, we have recently embarked on our journey to meet our Climate Charter goals. One of the key areas we are working on is Nature and Resilience. As an Arts Inspired School, we have decided to launch a nature photography competition to highlight the rich diversity of flora and fauna in and around our community. The project also reflects one of our wellbeing values – Take Notice – which encourages us to celebrate the positive and enjoy the world around us. We look forward to seeing all entries.

Redwood class assembly

22nd May 2024


It was great to see so many parents at the assembly today.  Redwood did a fantastic performance, including a lively musical performance. Well done Redwood!

Call for cardboard!

10th May 2024


We need lots of cardboard for a very special whole school art project!  Please can you collect any cardboard boxes and bring it to your teachers by Monday 20th May.


Cardboard requirements…

  • Thick cardboard only- cereal boxes wont’ work
  • As plain as possible- no images or writing.

Dance workshops

26th April 2024


Today, all classes had the opportunity to take part in a dance workshop linked to their topic.  It was a fantastic experience and enjoyed by all. 

Art Smart Challenge

Summer 1


It's that time again!  Why not have a go at our challenge for this half term - can you create an optical illusion?

Art Smart winners

Spring 2


Thank you to everyone who entered the Art SMART challenge this half term.  We had an abundance of mouth-watering, Ron Magnes inspired food illustrations!  Thank you to all who entered!


End of term orchestra performance

20th March 2024


For those parents who joined us for the musical performance, I am sure you will agree it was the perfect end to the day, hearing our orchestra perform two pieces of music and several children playing solos as well.  A huge well done to all children involved as your performance really did create impact!   

Young Play Writing Project in conjunction with Soho Theatre, Walthamstow

21st February 2024


Our year six children have commenced their playwriting project, working in conjunction with Soho Theatre in Walthamstow.  The aim of the project is to introduce children to the art of playwriting.  The programme encourages pupils to connect with their imagination whilst encouraging them to express and organise their ideas and made-up stories into dramatic narratives. We can’t wait to see the plays performed at the end of the year!

Art Smart Challenge Winners Spring 1

9th February 2024


Congratulations to all of our Art Smart winners - your work is fantastic!

Gingko Class Assembly

7th February 2024


Another great assembly this week, with Gingko impressing parents with their singing, language skills and creative fossil work. Well done Gingko!

The Snow Queen comes to Edinburgh!

1st December 2023


We had a great start to the day as we all gathered in the school hall to watch a wonderful production of the Snow Queen.  The singing, acting and dance was really inspiring and we laughed a lot as well.  I look forward to seeing the children get immersed in the writing project over the coming weeks.

New Art Ambassadors selected!

17th November 2023


A huge well done to all the children who have been selected to be an art ambassador for this academic year! We look forward to seeing your great work!

Art Smart Challenge

10th November 2023


Another new challenge for our pupils to complete at home!

3H Class Assembly

30th June 2023


Today, we were treated to a fantastic class assembly.  3H really did showcase their learning in very creative ways and their retelling of their class text was just wonderful to see.  It was topped off with some great singing and it was a really joyous event!

Summer end of year performance

Edinburgh Orchestra and Edinburgh Choir

29th June 2023


This afternoon, we were amazed with a great set of performances from our orchestra and choir.  It is wonderful to see just how much our choir and orchestra have developed over the year and I know that parents and carers were thrilled to see their child taking part in the show. We had a great turn-out and the audience was certainly not disappointed!

As always, many thanks to the East London Music Group, who came along with their instruments and provided a wonderful accompaniment to the children's work.  It was amazing for the children to work with trained musicians ~ trumpet, percussion, double bass and piano.  We can't wait to see how the group progresses next year.

Sky Arts Week 2023

19th June 2023


This week is Sky Arts Week!  Year 1 will be exploring singing and how to use their voice in different ways. Year 2 will be exploring 2D art~looking at Johanna Basford’s illustrations drawn with different kinds of objects. Year 3 will be immersing themselves in photography and will be taking pictures with interesting perspectives.


On the upper floor, year 4 will be learning about film ~ making their own film with little clay features and stop motion. Year 5 will be creating self-portraits with an array of different 3D materials. Finally, year six will be continuing to develop their drama skills while they rehearse their end of year production.


We can't wait to see the great works of art that are produced!


East London Music Group Music Day!

7th March 2023


What a wonderful start to the day! ELMG were onsite ready for the gates to open and as children walked into school, they were greeted by a live band in the foyer and in the playground.  We all stood in the playground and listened to the performance-dancing and clapping. Throughout the day, the musicians were visiting classes and playing/talking about their instruments.  At the end of the day, they performed to the school and we all got to join in with singing and dancing. This half term, we have launched composer of the week - Each week, we find out about a classical composer and we listen to the music in assemblies.  It was great to hear ELMG playing Mars from Holst’s planets.


Art Smart Challenge Winners Spring 1

10th February 2023


Congratulations to all of our Art Smart winners - your work is fantastic!

4L Class Assembly

9th February 2023


Today was a real treat - 4L really did show what a talented class they are!   It was clear to see just how much they have enjoyed their unit of work and they really did work well as a team.  I know all parents who came along were really impressed with the performance.  Well done 4L!

4M Class Assembly

26th January 2023


Today was a fantastic start to our 2023 assembly calendar.  4M showed us their singing and dancing skills and certainly got the whole hall rocking!  Children also shared some very well presented information about what they have been learning over the term and it was great to see all children taking part.  The geography unit of work looked really interesting. Well done 4M!

Art Smart Challenge Spring 1

13th January 2023


We are really excited about our new Art Smart Challenge for this half term.  Please see the attached document and we look forward to seeing the entries!

Art Smart Challenge Winners Autumn 2

13th January 2023


Congratulations to all of our Art Smart winners - your work is fantastic!

5R Class Assembly

15th December 2022


Today we were treated to a fantastic class assembly led by 5R. It was amazing to see just how much the children have learnt in only one term! A huge well done to all children for putting on such a great performance-the acting was superb in the group performances.  It was great to see the children so engaged in their learning and also being so creative in their own presentations.

Pantomime comes to Edinburgh!

9th December 2022


Today, children were treated to a fantastic live performance! Many children said it was the best pantomime they had ever seen and that they enjoyed every single minute! Lots of laughter, fun and cheering... we look forward to next year!

YR/1 Nativity

8th December 2022


Today was an absolute joy to see our youngest children perform their nativity. I must say that the children sang beautifully and the acting was fantastic! I was really impressed with how children spoke their lines and how well they worked as a team! It was also amazing to see so many parents! 

Orchestra performance at the Winter Fayre

2nd December 2022


What a perfect end to the week - our orchestra prepared a fantastic performance to start our winter fayre. It was so impressive and many thanks to the East London Music Group for working with our children all term to create such a polished performance.  We look to many more events in the future!

Art Smart Challenge Autumn 2

4th November 2022


We are really excited about our new Art Smart Challenge for this half term.  Please see the attached document and we look forward to seeing the entries!

Black History Week

17th October 2022


This week, the whole school will be celebrating Black History Month. Every year group will be focussing on a different genre of music inspired, created, and performed by Black people from across the world. We will be listening to music, singing and dancing to music from a wide range of cultures and countries including Calypso; Motown, Afrobeats; and Samba. Every class will also creat a beautiful artwork inspired by the sounds and artists of their chosen genre. In our end-of-week celebration assembly, each year group will get to perform their special song from their chosen genre to celebrate the amazing influence Black people have had on music throughout history.

Art Smart Challenge Winners Autumn 1

21st October 2022


Congratulations to all of our Art Smart winners - your work is fantastic!

5P Class Assembly

20th October 2022


Today we were treated to a fantastic Tudor assembly led by 5P. It was amazing to see just how much the children have learnt in only half a term! A huge well done to all children for putting on such a great performance. 


2022 Art Ambassadors

7th October 2022


This week, our new Art Ambassadors were elected.  We received so many applications and huge thanks goes to all the children who applied for an art ambassador role. The artwork entered was exquisite and our previous ambassadors had a very hard time choosing!  However, this year’s ambassadors have been elected and are as follows…

National Poetry Day

6th October 2022


Across the nation, National Poetry Day is being celebrated today.  This years’ national theme is the environment.  At Edinburgh, each year group will focus on one element of the environment and learn how to construct a poem.  Once poems have been written, children will get to vote for their favourite!  The winning poem from Edinburgh will be entered into the National Poetry Day competition.  We will announce our winner in our assembly and let you know in our newsletter so stay tuned! 


Orchestra rehearsals are back!

6th October 2022


Today, our orchestra got back together for their first rehearsal since the summer break. It was fantastic to see the East London Music Group back at Edinburgh, continuing all the fantastic work that was done last year.  A huge well done to all the musicians who have kept practising and continue to demostrate commitment to the group!

Art Smart Challenge Autumn 1

9th September 2022

We are pleased to be launching our first Art Smart challenge of the academic year. Please do take a look.


Art Smart Challenge Summer 2

10th June 2022


James McCarthy paints surreal landscapes.  McCarthy takes pieces of reality and puts them back together in unusual ways.



Can you reimagine a landscape to create your own fantasy artwork just like James McCarthy?

You could sketch it, paint it, colour it, collage it with magazine pictures or use whatever materials you have!

Arts Week coming soon

27th May 2022


After half term, we will be back with a bang to celebrate Arts week! This year Sky Arts have organised its first nationwide Access All Arts week open to all primary school children with the aim to take the children on a creative journey through the arts. This year’s theme is ‘reimagine’ and throughout the week we will all be building up to a reimagine challenge. Children will get time to explore their art form, watch videos of inspiring artists involved with Sky Arts and collaborate with each other.


Each year group will have an artform to explore. Year 6 will be reimagining the school as a film setting and filming the opening of their own movie. Year 5 will be reimagining an everyday object as a 3D sculpture. Year 4 will use drama to reimagine how a character from Peter Pan might change in the future. Year 3 will be reimagining emotions through photography. Year 2 will be reimagining famous artworks in different artistic styles. Year 1 will be reimagining songs in a variety of different ways and reception will get a chance to explore different aspects of all the arts through the same theme.


We hope the school will be bubbling with creativity by the end of the week so watch this space for a peek at what we got up to.

Art Smart Winners Summer 1

27th May 2022


Another fantastic Art SMART challenge with lots of fantastic art pieces received! It was extremely difficult to pick just 3 as there were just so many outstanding pieces of work.  Congratulations to Afifah from 5 Redwood, who was awarded Key Stage 2 winner! Well done to Eduard 1 Banyan, our Key Stage 1 winner. 

Orchestral Performance to parents and children

18th May 2022


Today, we were treated to a very special performance from the East London Music Group and our orchestra. Our orchestra is made of 24 musicians from Years 3-5, who play the clarinet, trombone, trumpet, ukulele, recorder, guitar, violin and saxophone.


Over the past few months, they have been hard at work rehearsing during their lunchtimes. Every Thursday they attended a rehearsal with a musical director and have learnt to play together as a group. The children have been learning to play two songs, which were ‘Banaha’ (a Congolese children’s song) and ‘Let’s Stick Together’. Alongside this, the orchestra also learnt the words to ‘Banaha’ and helped the other children to learn it as well. This meant that we were all able to accompany our musicians when they played.


To make our performance even more special, we had two pupils who played solo performances. They were Sharon from 5P playing the Clarinet and Alice in 4M on the Violin. Both pupils worked incredibly hard to prepare their solos.


It was so wonderful to enjoy the performance yesterday and appreciate the hard work of our musicians. We were all very proud of their performance and loved singing along too!


This performance marked the end of our pilot project with the East London Music Group-for now. Due to huge success of the project and the vast improvements that our musicians have made, we will be continuing the project in September, given the right funding opportunities. Matthew and the other musicians were absolutely thrilled with how well the orchestra performed and can’t wait to work with them in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our East London Music Group Partnership!

Art Smart Challenge Summer 1

29th April 2022


Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who is sometimes called ‘the princess of polka dots’. Although she makes lots of different types of art – paintings, sculptures, performances and installations, they have one thing in common, DOTS!



Can you use different sized polka dots to create your own artwork just like Yayoi Kusama?

You could use cut out paper, paint, colouring pencils or whatever other materials you have!



Art Smart Winners

1st April 2022


Another fantastic Art SMART challenge with lots of fantastic art pieces received! It was extremely difficult to pick just 3 as there were just so many outstanding pieces of work.  Congratulations to Tabitha from 5 Pine, who was awarded first place! In second and third place came Eduard from 1 Banyan and Kaeshini from 6 Waratah. Well done!  Watch this space for the next ART SMART challenge!


Spring Fayre Live Performances!

26th March 2022


On Saturday, the community was treated to a range of performances by our wonderfully creative pupils here at Edinburgh.  After everyone had time to enjoy the stalls and relax in the sun, our performers took to the stage to showcase what they have been working on this term in the range of clubs and musical lessons that we run here at school each week. 


The show began with our recorder group playing 'hot cross buns', followed by our flute quartet who really played with such confidence and excellent timing.  Next, our ballet group performed a piece of work that gave a special moment for each member of the group to take to the floor for a solo. Finally, we were wowed by our musical theatre group who performed a song from 'Annie'. The acting, singing and movement was extremely high quality and the sheer enjoyment on the children's faces was just a joy to see.


Parents, carers and friends came along and were thrilled to see their children getting to perform in front of a real audience. We look forward to the summer fayre!

Edinburgh Orchestra

10th March 2022


Today, the orchestra took part in their very first meeting.  It was such a treat to see brass, woodwind and strings working together as a team.  It was even more impressive to see how this was brought together-it sounded amazing! Huge thanks to the East London Music Group for making this happen. We cannot wait to see the outcomes!

Spring 2 Art Smart Challenge~William Morris

4th March 2022


Join us for another Art Smart Challenge! Get creative at home and produce some William Morris inspired art and see if you can win a prize this term!

East London Music Group and Arts Council

25th Feburary 2022


Yesterday we launched our partnership with the East London Music Group and this led to a very exciting day at school.  We were treated to a morning filled with music and excitement. We were greeted by 6 musicians who played us into school. There were violin solos going up the stairs, bassoon players in shared areas and trumpets at the gates. Finally, we were all treated to a mini-concert in the hall. This was such an exciting morning and the children and staff loved hearing the live music.


In the coming weeks, all of the children who participate in music lessons will form our school orchestra. They will have a weekly session led by the East London Music Group to get them started. If your child plays an instrument outside of school and they would like to be in the orchestra, please let their class teacher know. The orchestra will rehearse at school and then will perform their own concert to the rest of the school in May.


I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Arts Council at Edinburgh (ACE). I would like to first thank all of the children who applied as I had many applications. I really enjoyed reading every application and seeing the hard work that the children had put into applying for their chosen positions. I was thrilled to see what a creative and talented school we have. It was a tough decision but I have chosen 10 children to form the Arts Council at Edinburgh and they are as follows:


Smaranda 2D- Dancer

Jannah 3H, Noa 5P, Saleha 5P-Artists

Armariah 3H-Vocalist

Syd 6T, Leonardo 6W, Sharon 5P-Musicians

Emilia 4M, Jasmin 4L- Actors


Keep your eyes peeled for more creative arts news as our new Arts council gets under way.

East London Music Group Partnership Launch

24th February 2022


What a treat we had today! After winning our bid to work alongside this fantastic group of musicians, the launch finally arrived.  At 8.30am, as the gates opened, the ELMG stood under our bike shelter, greeting our families to a live performance! It was so uplifting and the joy on our children's faces was enough to demonstrate the impact that this partnership promised.


As the children entered their classrooms, the musicians moved to the corridors and the experience continued. Throughout the day, each year group was treated to a performance in our main hall and got to know the musicians who will be working with us.  


Over the next few months, the group will visit each week and our new Edinburgh Orchestra will be set up and preparing for their first performance. Watch this space!


Edinburgh Choir

5th January 2022


Due to popular demand, we are thrilled to say that we now how a weekly choir club where children will be taught by an experienced choir leader! We are so excited about this development and look forward to many great performances.



Ballet at Edinburgh

6th September 2022


We are thrilled to introduce a dance club to our schedule.  Ballet club starts at Edinburgh for the very first time and we are pleased to see both boys and girls signing up for this great form of exercise. We look forward to many great performances in the future!

Musical Theatre at Edinburgh

6th September 2022


We are so proud to be working in partnership with a musical theatre coach right here at Edinburgh. This expressive club enables children to sing, dance and act and provides an experience that we hope inspires them! We can't wait to see the live performances!

Music Lessons at Edinburgh

6th September 2022


We have increased our core offer of music lessons that take place during the school day. Children may choose to learn the ukulele, violin, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, flute, saxophone and recorder. We have so many talented pupils and hope that children begin a hobby that will go with them into adult hood.