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PE and Sport Premium



Edinburgh Primary School Sports Premium Plan




  1. All children in KS1/KS2 have access to specialist sports coaching.
  2. Increase children’s levels of physical activity – PE, Playtimes and After school.
  3. Develop children’s leadership skills through PE and Sports Ambassador programme.
  4. Participate in Intra and inter school activities through PE/ eternal competition.
  5. Provide extracurricular sports activities and events to children across KS1/KS2.
  6. Provide extended sporting opportunities and experiences for children who are gifted and talented.



Objectives addressed


Success Criteria

All children in KS1/KS2 have access to specialist sports coaching as part of PPA cover (6 sessions a year)



Salaam Peace

Children access specialist coaching


 Lunchtime Sports sessions – all KS1/KS2 classes have access to sports coaching as part of lunchtime offer



Salaam Peace



Children access specialist coaching

More children are physically active at lunchtimes.

Volleyball Workshop




All KS1 and KS2 children take part in volleyballworkshops (Spring) and have more confidence and ability in working as a team.

Dance Workshop



Dance Days – World Book Day dances x 2 days

All KS1 and KS2 children take part in running workshops (Sept) and have more confidence and ability in incoorporating the daily mile line into their play and every day movement

Year 6 girls transition sports days @ Kelmscott Secondary school.



£400 cover costs to cover teachers taking children to offsite school events during school time.

Year 6 girls are more confident and empowered to take part in sporting activities.

School subsidy for external tutor support for after school sports clubs over and above parent contributions.





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Salaam Peace


Using specialised sports knowledge to enable children to experience new sporting opportunities and tailors support to ensure that every child reaches their potential regardless of their starting ability.








£ 100 x3 sessions

Salaam Peace

All teaching staff take part in developing their PE knowledge and skills provided by an PE specialist company.

5 a day keep fit subscription



Daily 15 minute class based exercise programme helping pupils keep fit and contributing to the 1 hour a day of exercise proposed by the Government.

Playground equipment  (hoops, tennis balls, bats/balls, cricket etc)



Lunchtimes are active

Re purchase of online 5 minute a day PE related class based activity sessions



5 a day

To help promote daily increased activity for every pupil across the school.

Sports Day – all children participate in Sports Day – cover for PE leader to organise (each year group 0.5 day organisation and 0.5 day for setting up and taking down - equivalent to  4 days cover needed)



All children take part in whole school year group event







New PE scheme of work


£1500 for 2 year subscription

Ensuring all pupils take part in high quality PE sessions.

Membership of WFSSN (Waltham Forest School Sports Network)






Access to information, training and events.

Provide cover for staff to accompany children to borough events



School participates in at least 6 events each year with increasing competitive success.