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Edinburgh Primary ~ a community school with a passion for the arts!

Edinburgh Primary has achieved The Eco Schools Green Flag award! 


This is a national award created to encourage and empower young people to tackle the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic pollution in their school and in the wider community.  Since 1994, millions of young people around the world have worked through the Eco-Schools Seven Steps before being recognised for their efforts with a prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag.


The award is the result of a lot of hard work across the whole school community. Over the past eighteen months we have:


  • Attempted to reduce the amount of waste generated by our community through the promotion of the 5Rs (Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Repair and Recycle) with assemblies led by the Eco Council and posters around the school;
  • Recycled over a tonne of unwanted clothes and shoes;
  • Recycled over 1500 batteries and counting;
  • Elected ‘Switch-off Monitors’ to ensure lights and white-boards are off when classrooms are vacant;
  • Taught lessons on the impact of micro plastics in our oceans and made our school glitter-free and plastic-straw free;
  • Planted a range of bulbs, including daffodils, crocuses and alliums, in our raised beds with the support of members of the PTA;
  • Named our two school garden areas;
  • Promoted an Eco-school code designed and made by members of the Eco-council.


Congratulations and a tree-mendous thank you to everyone involved in helping Edinburgh Primary School achieve our Green Flag which is now flying proudly at the front of the school.