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Edinburgh Primary ~ a community school with a passion for the arts!

Headteacher - Faye Rider

Deputy Headteacher - Sophia Ovonlen 

School Business Manager - Annette House

Office Manager - Sandra Rad


ClassesTeachersTeaching Assistants


R Pear


Ms Sheikh


Ms Marius

1 Alder

1 Banyan

Ms Corekci

Ms Blaney

Ms Banday


2 Davidia

2 Elm


Ms Butt (Assistant Head)

Ms Thrush


Ms Orlik

Ms Patterson


3 Gingko

3 Hornbeam

Ms Goymer/Ms Kercani

Mr Pearson

Ms Atchia

Mrs Hutchinson



4 Laburnum

4 Maple


Ms Salam

Mr Cherry (Assistant Head)


Mr Baker

Ms Patterson


5 Pine

5 Redwood


Ms Sweet

Ms Burke



Ms Eliz


6 Tamarind

6 Waratah

Ms Bergin (Assistant Head)

Ms Ovonlen (Deputy Head) / Mr Ray

Mr Baker

Ms Sumana


Whole school cover:

Ms Loonat 

Ms Toule


Inclusion Team

Ms Gunduz (SendCo, LAC lead)

Ms Kercani (EAL lead)

Ms Hutchinson (Learning mentor)

Business Team

Ms House (Head of Business)

Ms Stennett (Business support officer)


Breakfast/lunchtime Team

Ms Patten - Breakfast/lunchtime leader

Ms Azam

Miss Wilkinson

Ms Watts

Ms Khan

Ms Joseph

Ms Saddique

Ms Butt



Administrative Team

Ms Rad (Office Manager)

Ms Carroll

Ms Patten


Site Services

Mr Ryan (Site Manager)