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Respect Assembly

13th June 2022


In our assembly, we have been thinking how we can show respect.  Children discussed how to be respectful to one another and how to treat items respectfully.  We had great fun role-playing how to respectfully treat our friends and got to sing a catchy song at the end of the assembly.  This week, all children at Edinburgh will be thinking about how they are demonstrating this value.

Science Week

10th June 2022


Next week, Edinburgh will be taking part in Science Week.  Science is all about asking questions. By using observation and experiment, we can answer questions and predict what will happen in the future, so for our Science week, we will do just that! We will be asking questions, experimenting, observing, predicting, analysing, drawing conclusions and much more.


Each year group will have an open-ended experiment to carry out and analyse. Reception will look at science in art and will explore pendulum painting. In year one, the children will be looking at colour mixing. Year two will try to help the Gruffalo’s child appear big and scary, whilst year three will try their best to make the ground safe to walk on, by making ice melt as quickly as possible. In year four, the children will be experimenting with chemical reactions and year five will answer the question: How much weight can your boat float? Finally, year six will investigate how to make the best possible slime.


In addition to this, each year group will be given a scientist to research and will have the opportunity to take part in our poster competition.  An exciting, albeit possibly a slightly messy week ahead.

Ezekiel Ewulo visits Edinburgh!

27th May 2022


Today was a fantastic sporting event at Edinburgh. Former British Champion long jumper Ezekiel Ewulo visited Edinburgh, led assemblies and shared his experiences as a professional athlete with the children whilst also leading them through a series of exercises.

Jubilee Celebrations!

26th May 2022


Today was an amazing Jubilee celebration at Edinburgh! We decided today was a good day to launch our new house teams and in line with the Jubilee, our new houses are: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. The children and staff all came dressed up in their house colours and we got to meet in the playground and get to know our team members across the school. During the day, children got to write letters to the Queen and also designed their own jubilee stamp.  We were also treated to a fantastic jubilee lunch with delicious cup cakes! Ms Ovonlen will be sending the letters to the palace and we do hope to receive a reply!

Walk to School Week

13th May 2022


This year’s National Walk to School Week is taking place 16-20 May. We would like to encourage you to join thousands of children across the country that will be celebrating the benefits of walking. We know that many of our students already walk to school, but we know even more pupils could benefit from walking as it makes them feel happier and healthier and helps to reduce pollution and congestion around our school.


We want to see every child that can, walk to school! Children will earn a gold star sticker for each day that they walk to school. For those children that are unable to walk to school, they can still earn a gold star by walking during their break times at school. Let's get walking!

New clubs at Edinburgh!

2nd May 2022


We are really excited to see two new clubs at Edinburgh - Rhythmic gymnastic for our younger children-Netball for our older girls.  We can't wait to see children enjoying these clubs and making progress, eventually getting to compete within the borough. 

Rights Respecting Schools Award

26th April 2022

The School Council met and have begun work on two awards, one of which is the Rights Respecting Schools award promoted and supported by the United Nations.  At Edinburgh, we will be working to ensure that all members of our community are aware of each of the rights in the convention and to embed these values in every day school life. 

Assembly focus - Athlete visit coming to Edinburgh!

25th April 2022


In Today's assembly, we got very excited about the forthcoming athlete visit due to take place on Friday 27th May. The athlete will be in school from 9am to 12pm.


This is a link to the crowdfunding page, with a message from the athlete and information about the event:

The Edinburgh Primary School Fundraiser - a Community crowdfunding project in London by Sports For Champions UK (CIC) (

Police Officer Assemblies

1st April 2022


This week, the children have each had a year group assembly led by the local police – the age-appropriate sessions have tackled safety outside of school~stranger danger, internet safety etc. This was great timing, with the Easter break approaching.

School Council Termly Review Meeting

31st March 2022


Over the past few days, our school council met for their termly review and planning meeting. This was a great opportunity for the children and they enjoyed the complimentary squash and biscuits for all their hard work! We look forward to seeing our young leaders get to work next term!


Spring Fayre!

26th March 2022


On Saturday, the community gathered at Edinburgh for our first Fayre since covid.  Our PTA did a fantastic job and there were a great range of stalls.  Our school council also led a stall and the activites were fantastic!  The weather was great and we all enjoyed the Edinburgh performances which began at around 2pm.  Our performers took to the stage to showcase what they have been working on this term in the range of clubs and musical lessons that we run here at school each week. 


The show began with our recorder group playing 'hot cross buns', followed by our flute quartet who really played with such confidence and excellent timing.  Next, our ballet group performed a piece of work that gave a special moment for each member of the group to take to the floor for a solo. Finally, we were wowed by our musical theatre group who performed a song from 'Annie'. The acting, singing and movement was extremely high quality and the sheer enjoyment on the children's faces was just a joy to see.  We look forward to the summer fayre!

Red Nose Day

18th March 2022


We had a fantastic day today! Children got to learn about the purpose of RND and also got to dress up as a super hero! Our playground was very busy! Thank you for all donations - we managed to raise £200.  Many thanks to our school council for their participation and fantastic organisation skills!

Swimming Lessons Commence

14th March 2022


Our year 5 children begin their two-week intensive swimming course this today. This is such an important skill for our pupils to master and they will get to a further intensive course next year in year 6.  We can't wait to see you make progress!

Edinburgh Explorers

11th March 2022


As well as having a passion for the Arts, Edinburgh Primary School is incredibly lucky to have many talented scientists. This has led to the formation of a new group; The Edinburgh Explorers. It will be their job to keep the school up to date with the latest scientific and technological news and every half-term they will produce a newsletter to document the incredible advances that are happening on an almost daily basis.


There was an overwhelming response and it has been incredibly hard to pick members of this new group. Some of the applications received were incredible and it has been no mean feat to select our new group. It will be their job to keep the school up to date with the latest scientific and technological news and every half-term they will produce a newsletter to document the incredible advances that are happening on an almost daily basis.

Celebrating World Book Day!

3rd March 2022


We have had a fun packed book week and World Book Day.  All week long, children have been treated to guessing the masked reader, reading challenges and 'drop everything and read' when the prefects blow the whistle in the corridors. We are also pleased that so many families came to our book fair and we managed to raise an amazing £1300!  The commission we received will enable us to top-up our school library-thank you!



Mental Health Week

7th February 2022


To celebrate Children’s Mental Health week (3th – 7th Feb) we decided that we would like to create a piece of art that all children had the opportunity to be involved in.  We asked all our children to produce a single A5 image to help promote how they can help their mental health e.g. through sport, knitting, art etc. The art work has been assembled near our lunch hall to inspire others for many years to come.

Edinburgh Prefects Selected!

4th February 2022


I am pleased to present to you Edinburgh Primary School’s first set of prefects. The prefects’ team was created to give our Year 6 children the opportunity to develop their leadership abilities and sense of responsibility in readiness for secondary school. As part of the selection process, all the children in Year 6 were invited to complete an application form for the posts advertised. From the applications received, a shortlist of applicants was approved by the Year 6 teachers and the senior leadership team. Pupils were selected for their ability to lead by example through exemplary good manners and behaviour. The selected names were announced and received with a lot of excitement.


So far, the prefects have read their handbook, signed their code of conduct contract and are ready to go. They will be awarded badges and ties that identify them to staff, pupils and visitors. We expect our Edinburgh prefects to take their role seriously. A prefect’s role is varied and to be awarded a School Prefect badge is considered to be a real privilege. It also gives the younger children something to look forward to in Year 6.


Our prefects will be assisting in the management of the school; showing visitors around the school; working with classes during break times; leading and supervising the use of school equipment; leading and participating in school events; helping the Headteacher with new parent afternoons and directing pupil movement at key times during the school day.   


The prefects selected and positions are as follows:




Head Girl


Head Boy


Corridor Prefects





Playground Prefects





Head librarians




Do join us in wishing our prefects a successful tenure. We know they will be fabulous!

Netball at Edinburgh

5th January 2022


Our years 4,5 and 6 girls have been learning the fantastic team game of netball in preparation for the introduction of our netball club in the summer term. We are keen to get a team up and running so that we can take part in competitions across the borough!