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Edinburgh Values

Edinburgh primary ~ a community school with a passion for the arts!

British Values


At Edinburgh Primary School, we actively promote British Values as part of our whole school values.

We promote British Values in the following ways:



Our School Council promotes the democratic process-children nominate and vote for class representatives for the School Council. Children are encouraged to voice their opinions in formal and informal ways. The School Council visits the Council Chambers on an annual basis to experience the democratic process and reports back to their class, year and key stage.

    Individual Liberty

    • Children are provided with boundaries which encourage them to make choices safely.
    • Children are encouraged to express their views and beliefs respectfully.
    • Children have the opportunity and choice to take part in a whole variety of extra-curricular activities.
    • Children are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and advised on how to exercise these safely-for example through Online Safety and PSHE lessons.




      • Children are encouraged to celebrate and value diversity.
      • Our PSHE/RE curriculum provides broad and balanced learning about the main world religions and reinforces messages of tolerance and respect for others, combined with a confidence to express one’s own beliefs.
      • As part of RE, children visit various places of worship during their time at Edinburgh.



        Mutual Respect

        • Children work in teams, share ideas and show respect for each other’s opinions. This is highlighted across the curriculum but particularly in RE/PSHE, assemblies and year group productions.
        • School rules, rights and responsibilities reinforce mutual respect.
        • Children are supported and encouraged to work together in different groups and situations in various lessons, curriculum areas and school events.
        • Children participate in various productions & assemblies throughout the year and show respect for each other’s contributions.


        The Rule of Law

        • Edinburgh has clear rules, rights and responsibilities.
        • The school promotes punctuality and attendance for all children.
        • Children follow, respect and appreciate different rules and situations e.g. in PE lessons, in the classroom, in the playground and when on educational visits.
        • Children are awarded certificates to recognise hard work, good behaviour and learning achievements.
        • Edinburgh supports children to regulate their behaviour and make good choices for the well-being of themselves and others.
        • Visits from authorities such as the London Fire Service and police support learning that rules and laws support the well-being of us all.